April 3, 2014, Berlin

Digitaler Quellenschutz: „Ich bringe meine eigene Hardware in die Redaktion”

Die Veranstaltung am 11. September im Berliner Münzsalon behandelte die Frage, was Quellenschutz bei digitaler Kommunikation bedeutet und was Journalisten und Redaktionen tun müssen, um Sicherheit zu gewährleisten. (mehr …)

Digital Protection of Sources: “I bring my own hardware into the newsroom”

Participants of the event at the Münzsalon in Berlin on 11 September discussed the significance of source protection in digital communications and the actions that journalists and newsrooms have to take to guarantee security. (mehr …)

From Cablegate to Offshore Leaks and more: the internationalisation of research, and how it can be funded

Whilst the worlds of business, trade, work and much more have long operated on a global level, journalism remains confined to national boundaries. Organisations such as the ICIJ want to change that. (mehr …)